World Earth Day

By | 29/03/2008

Good news everyone!

Some condescending hippies have decided to tell us what to do again. All for our own good of course…

The plan this time is for everyone to turn their lights off between 8pm and 9pm. This will, apparently, save lots of energy. It is, of course, a monumentally stupid idea of the sort that could only be thought up by a bunch of cock wombling thunder cunts.

For starters, which short-sighted hiptard decided to do it an a day when the clocks go forward an hour. Which fucking 8 o’clock assholes?

What about people in other time-zones? Or we talking GMT here or one of the several US timezones (greedy fuckers having so many). I hope it is everyones individual time zones so everyone does it at different times – imagine the satellite view of the world doing a Mexican wave – awesome!

But most importantly, why choose to turn the lights off at a time when it’s fucking DARK? How the fuck are people supposed to see? It might just have worked if yesterday wasn’t Panic-Buy-Carrots day. But that isn’t until May the 15th.

Still, it is for the planet I suppose, so I will do my bit….how long have I got?!