Things you didn’t know about The Internet: I’m A Teapot

By | 10/08/2017

I’ve been using the internet since before you knew it existed. Hell, I was using it before it was an internet! I was bouncing email messages off JANET relays before you were….whatever, you get the idea. Because of this, I know how it works…I know things about the internet you will never know…

For example, did you know that your browser uses Hyper Text Transfer Protocol to communicate with web servers? You did? Well do you know what HTTP Error 404 means? Yep, “page not found”, well done. How about 418? Didn’t think so…allow me to educate you:

The HTTP Error 418 is defined as “I’m a teapot”. It exists for the day when hot beverage making machines are linked to the internet so a tea maker, when requested to make a coffee, can deliver an appropriate error.

Not a joke, check it out!

In my next installment of “Irrelevant Internet Facts You Never Knew And Will Never Need To Know”* I’ll discuss how in 1990 the Internet Engineering Task Force published a protocol that allows web pages, email etc to be delivered using pigeons (

* Comes with FREE extra patronising!