Shitlist Number 1 – Orange

By | 06/01/2008

Companies piss me off all the time, when they are particularly annoying I feel a need to name & shame. Today it is Orange.

A while back, I stopped at a mates for a week. Wanting to access my email I spent quite a while trying to configure his wireless router to no avail. So I decided to just use his broadband modem on my laptop. I installed the drivers & before you know it had internet access. Magic!

On leaving there, I decided not to remove the software so I can easily access on my next visit. I don’t want services etc running though so I disabled software starting up everywhere that I could find.

Yet still, I have a SpeedTouch task running in the background. I can’t stop it loading & have to use Task Manager to End Process on the fucker every time I boot.
I also have an orange browser window that has (in)conveniently popped up.
Last but not least, Firefox has a new enabled toolbar.

ORANGE! Leave my PC the FUCK ALONE. If I want your shit I will ask for it.
How would you like it if I popped round your house & installed software on your PC that you don’t want or need?