Brexit or Remain – Take it…or leave it?

By | 10/08/2017

I chose neither side in the Remain / Brexit debate. I did not vote. This is not an argument for or against either side.

In a discussion earlier, I heard again about how “The older people who voted for Brexit have destroyed the future for the younger generations”. I disagree and this is why:

In the late 70’s & early 80’s, unemployment was worse than in The Great Depression of the 30’s. Riots occurred in most major UK cities. News reels from the era show old ladies walking past burnt out cars as if it was normal – because it was. Policemen barely had control of our streets, they were poorly equipped & had little backup…or sympathy. “Them and Us” – a huge divide between the police & the public, the police viewed as an untrustworthy evil force of an oppressive government. Most public sector services went out on strike. Rolling brown outs & black outs meant electricity was unreliable. Refuse piled high in the streets. Even the gravediggers were on strike. “The Winter Of Discontent” they called it.

People, from the lowliest blue collar workers to the most senior politicians grew tired of lifes struggles, they knew the situation was no longer tolerable. They came together and worked hard for change. For a better country. For a better life. For a better future. By the 90’s the country was in full on boom mode, people were prosperous, jobs were available, 24/7 electricity was now the norm. Huge social change had been achieved.

Those people strove for greatness, embraced technology, provided financial services for the world, created new musical genres, embraced home ownership for all. They chose to achieve. They achieved. They drove society forward into a new era of prosperity.

Those people from back then, those that endured the late 70’s & early 80’s, turned this country around. They are old now & can look at what they achieved in the 20 years since “The Winter Of Discontent”. A present that is so different, so vastly better than it was. A present where a bottle of water can cost twice that of petrol without anyone batting an eyelid. A present where a cold can of coke on a hot summers day is a welcome refreshment rather than an extravagant luxury.

Whether they voted “correctly” for our younger generations is immaterial. Your future is YOUR responsibility. Shape it any way you can. Seize opportunities. Turn the bad into good. After all, that’s what they did – that generation from 40 years ago. Given how far forward our society has moved since then, perhaps, instead of us criticising them for potentially ruining our future, we should instead thank them for providing the present.

It’s your choice, choose to be a winner, grasp life, shape it the way you want & desire.

Or choose to be a loser, whine about how “they should do something”, complain that nothing is your fault, blame the stupid old folk or the lazy young, spend your life in mediocrity.

It’s your life, your future, your choice.

Take it…Or leave it.