About Tuchuk:

Tuchuk has a loveable teddy bear type personality coupled with a slight tendency towards utter hatred & insanity. Only has one eye.

If you really need to email then try “tuchuk” @ the domain name used for this web site. Don’t expect a reply. Don’t be surprised if he forwards it to everyone. He might even just sell it to spam merchants – you just can’t ever be sure.

About the site:

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Anecdotes – Bizarre things that have happened to me that I thought I’d share.

Cold Callers – Fun I’ve had on the telephone with cold callers. I pay for my phone. I pay for my line rental. I don’t pay for some ignoramus to ring me in the middle of dinner, shagging or the Simpsons. So I return the favour by wasting their time instead.

It’s Bollocks! – Photos & images that I’ve seen (mostly on Facebook) that are utter bollocks. Yet still people share them. Including people that I am apparently friends with. I.e. “It’s Bollocks!” is a showcase of some of the utter nonsense some people insist on sharing around Facebook, despite it being complete tosh.

Out Driving – I drive a lot. In this category I regale, amuse, scare & relate various things that have happened, amused, scared etc. whilst out driving.

Web Rants – Various web rants – what this site was created for!

Uncategorized – I forgot to put it in a category. Maybe I’ll do that later. If someone complains.


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