Why can’t I leave a comment?

Because you people would leave crap all over my site like “Dude – you’re so cool” and “You are an asshat”. Not to mention spam. Send me an email if you really want to get something off your chest. Email should be sent to “tuchuk” at “this web sites domain”. If you can’t figure that out then you won’t be capable of stringing a coherent sentence together anyway. Any email you send me may be used for my own nefarious purposes or anything else I fancy doing with it. But mostly, it will just get deleted without so much as a casual sideways glance.

Asterix or Tintin?

Asterix of course. Even if he is French.

Why are you called “Wolf Tuchuk”?

Well….it’s a long story.

You mentioned that you don’t have any friends. Can I be your friend?

Seriously, if I wanted to be scared shitless I’d put on a horror film. At least that way I could remind myself “Don’t worry – it isn’t real”.

Why do some links in this site open in a new window while others open in the same window?

The plan is:
Links to other sites should open in new windows.
Internal links should open in the same window.
Remember: A plan doesn’t always come together (unless you are the A-Team).