Waiting Games 2

By | 16/03/2006

[Note: See the Cold Callers page for an explanation of what these posts are all about.]

WT: Wolf Tuchuk
CC: Cold Caller

Thought the original “Waiting Games” was fun? Check this out!

Just like the original, you have to answer the phone, don’t bother timing it though. Make sure you have some friends present. Take it in turns to speak to the wanker er, cold caller. Points to be awarded for creating laughter, points to be deducted for making the cold caller laugh or hang-up.

My favourite so far was my good old mate who after a few “He’s on his way, won’t be a moment, he really wants to talk to you” etc started throwing a box around the room before letting a out a scream. Then he picked up the phone & said:

“OHMYGODHEJUSTFELLDOWNTHESTAIRS……Theirs blood everywhere! I think he’s dead, what shall I do?”
CC: “oh…er…oh….I’ll ask my supervisor…”
“Wait! He’s just breathed…”
CC: “good, good…”
“I can see bubbles in the blood you see – do you think I should raise his head out of the blood so he doesn’t breath it?”
CC: “Er, yes, yes”
“But what if he’s broken his neck – it might kill him!”

Sadly, he couldn’t continue due to everyone laughing so much.