Tuchuk Is A Time Waster

By | 13/02/2008

[Note: See the Cold Callers page for an explanation of what these posts are all about.]

WT: Wolf Tuchuk
CC: Cold Caller

I just got off the ‘phone and I have a big grin on my face.


I shall tell you:

10 minutes ago, the ‘phone rang with yet another cheery call from a scum company that thinks disturbing my dinner will get me to buy something. I’m eating alone, so I magnanimously switch the ‘phone to loudspeaker & inform the salesbird that I am indeed most interested in her product. Several minutes go by & this girl is hot for her commission. I ask all sorts of questions which she is delighted to answer. All while tucking into “Large Cod n Chips no salt just vinegar please love” from my favourite chippy. Then comes the cruncher:

CC: “So, if you have no more questions, I’ll go ahead and arrange that!”

WT: “Nah” says I.

CC: “Eh?”

WT: “I’m not interested – never was in fact – just thought it would be pleasant to talk to you while I scoffed my supper!” [short pause] “Are you hot?”

CC: “Oh my God…..you’ve been wasting my time!” she exclaimed before hanging up.

Took me a few moments before I realised the irony of her last sentence! Fine to waste my time but not fine for me to waste hers – at least she is getting paid! Dizzy bitch.