Think I’ll Buy Me A Conservatory – If it will fit!

By | 10/02/2007

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CC: Cold Caller
WT: Wolf Tuchuk

CC: “…and we can offer special deals on conservatories!”
WT: “I don’t think you could fit one here.”
CC: “We can fit them anywhere!”
WT: “The thing is, we are in a conservation area and it’s an old house.”
CC: “Not a problem, we can sort that.”
WT: “It would have to be the North wall…and there is a boundary wall.”
CC: [Sensing big prospect, central heating, triple glazing etc.] “That won’t be a problem.”
WT: “Space a bit limited.”
CC: “We design to fit your property!”
WT: “How about 40 feet long?”
CC: [$$ signs appearing in his mind] “No problem!”
WT: “and 2 feet wide?”
CC: “No problem!”
WT: “That 2 feet would have to include brickwork etc.”
CC: [Presumeably having just converted imperial to metric…and sounding a little deflated] “Oh”