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Don’t Be An IM-Idiot

In todays modern office, desk phones are being removed. Money is saved by no longer buying, installing, maintaining & cleaning desk phones. Everyone has mobiles after all. But along with time & cost savings there is another benefit that companies have switched on to: Decrease distractions and productivity increases… Example: I recently visited the offices… Read More »

Things you didn’t know about The Internet: I’m A Teapot

I’ve been using the internet since before you knew it existed. Hell, I was using it before it was an internet! I was bouncing email messages off JANET relays before you were….whatever, you get the idea. Because of this, I know how it works…I know things about the internet you will never know… For example,… Read More »

Brexit or Remain – Take it…or leave it?

I chose neither side in the Remain / Brexit debate. I did not vote. This is not an argument for or against either side. In a discussion earlier, I heard again about how “The older people who voted for Brexit have destroyed the future for the younger generations”. I disagree and this is why: In… Read More »

World Earth Day

Good news everyone! Some condescending hippies have decided to tell us what to do again. All for our own good of course… The plan this time is for everyone to turn their lights off between 8pm and 9pm. This will, apparently, save lots of energy. It is, of course, a monumentally stupid idea of the… Read More »

Shitlist Number 1 – Orange

Companies piss me off all the time, when they are particularly annoying I feel a need to name & shame. Today it is Orange. A while back, I stopped at a mates for a week. Wanting to access my email I spent quite a while trying to configure his wireless router to no avail. So I… Read More »